Hey I was just wondering (sorry for the new thread): The harmonica I have (diatonic C, hofner, bluesband, not sure how it stacks up), I can only bend the first hole drawing. I've tried a bit on the others using the same technique- to no avail. Is there something I could be doing wrong, or could the harmonica not be up to it?
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I started playing the harmonica a few months back and am using a similar harmonica (diatonic C, Lee Oskar) and i can bend pretty well just about anywhere. It could be that you just havent got the hang of the technique yet as i hear it takes some people a while to get their bends down.
Fair enough, but the bend I can do is a solid half step. Admittedly I don't play enough (harmonica is a very loud instrument lol), so I'll try and see what can be done.
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from my experience of bending, ive been playing for more than a year btw, its easier to bend when playing through multiple holes, i'd suggest getting the technique down before playing single holes, mine is the same as urs in G however