i need some help on something to play. I've recently mastered some fingerstyle songs, (by mastered i mean the best i can do) e.g Angelina-Tommy Emmanuel.
Im looking for some shred songs, ive been into shred lately, and love it, ive done the shred masterclass, and its pretty easy, so i need some good shred songs that dont use wah or effects, because i dont have any, or at least some where i wont NEED that stuff. please help me, i want to improve my shred.

P.S: No michael angelo batio. some yngwie malmsteen could be good, but not a huge fan of him.
Children of Bodom song are good for good shredding solo's, often even the riffs can be challenging. Check some of their stuff ot if you want shred mixed with so catchy riffs.

Check this song

If you just want solo guitarists then check out Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Steve Vai etc etc
Yeah racer x, or stuff from paul gilbert's (racer x guitarist) new solo album "Get out of my yard", try youtube: Get out of my yard, Curse of the Castle Dragon, 3 E's for Edward (if you're willing to do the 3 E strings next to each other thing).
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[edit] and no matter who slags them off, bodom are a good band (old stuff more so)! Its just these emo faggots bringing them down.. HISS!
Some Yngwie suggestions:

Evil Eye
Black Star
Far Beyond the Sun
Baroque & Roll

Not the hugest Malmsteen fan myself, but these songs are fun to play.

Paul Gilbert: Scarified
Bumblefoot: Real (solo) (most other Bumblefoot tunes too)
For a different approach to shredding, listen to Mattias Eklundh and Buckhead