Spread the Ashes are a heavy metal band from the Central Coast of Australia. Specializing in heavy riffs and rhythmic productions, STA produces songs that compete with the likes of Unearth, IKTPQ and even Slayer. The boys are working hard to record an EP within the year to release. STA are always ready for a gig.
If you live in Australia, or even worldwide, and love heavy metal music, feel free to visit the boys at www.myspace.com/stametal and add us, or drop us a line!
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Could do with some tracks so we could sum you guys up?

hey thanks for the comment... we're actually going to record some songs tomorrow at a practise session... so if you could be a little patient, we'll have a few songs and more pics up shortly... thanks for the comment again =]
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sweet, well be sure to let me know when youve got them up so i can check you out

no problem, if you've added us on myspace, we will put out a bulletin tomorrow, as soon as we have the songs and pics up, so it'd be good of you to add us =]... gotta build up a fan base some how =P