I wrote this song the other day for my new band to play

I still have to figure out the vocals, but that's k.

I loved writing this song, It's Melodic Metalcore/ Screamo.

It should sound really good when we play it at school

It has some sudden transitions or whatever, but its supposed to be like that

There is one part that I need to fix but I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

Anyways, enjoy

Crit for Crit

~Loki <3
1st finished.zip
~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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Your Guitar Pro songs are brilliant. And so is this one. 9/10 i'd give it, it's not my favourite one i've heard from you.

EDIT: I have no songs on here at the moment. (:
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You don't want me to crit any of yours?

If you have some I'd be happy to crit them

~Loki <3
~ Please Crit One Of My Songs? ~

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The_Bass_Poet, I want your babies.
Really good stuff, all the harmonies worked well which is always important in this type of piece. All of the sections seemed to flow together well, there's that slightly sudden change towards the bridge at the end, but it was in no way out of place.

So overall i thought this was very well executed, liked the score, well done!
Great riffing, I'm still not abled to write melodic riffs like that. Very coherent imo. But somehow, I don't find it very exciting. It could use some more hardcore oriented drums or a stronger breakdown. But then again, that might not be the sound you're looking for. You have a great style nevertheless. 8.5/10

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1rst riff was awesome, I really enjoyed it! The harmonization following it was awesome too! I just took a sneak peak of what was after it and was really coherent, really flowed together.
BUT, you're saying it's a metalcore/screamo song and I just dont hear that feeling... Try putting some darker riffs, or even always use double basedrum on your drums >.>

Anyways, it was a really good song! 8.5/10!

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