my friend told me that if you distort a gretsch its bad for the guitar. whats the deal with this.

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

It shouldn't be, distortion is from the amp mainly so i don't see how it would hurt you guitar.
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no distortion wont hurt ur guitar.

only thing it could hurt relly is ur amp over time sometimes.

ur friend is an idiot.
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Gretsch models like the White Falcon & there semi hollow range (just like all semi hollow models) don't handle distortion to well compared to solid body guitars and start to give some unwanted feedback.

It's not bad for the guitar though.
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i think ur friend is on crack, ive never heard of distortion hurting a guitar, although i dont usually see alot of gretsch guitars with alot distortion either.(i do know a few, dont start flaming me)
Power Jet = Good for distortion. As a general thing with gretsch though, its not so much the distortion being bad for the guitar as it is the guitar is bad for the distortion, but not likely to damage any gear.
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