I just ordered a Peavey Valveking 112 off ebay. I got it yesterday and it played great. Now today I played for a few minutes and it was making noises, it was like the hum that should be there when you turn on the amp but alot worse. On the tubes in the back there are these blue lines that only come on when you take the amp off standby and have it in playing mode. Did it get damaged during shipping? What should I do? If you need more info I can help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The tube lighting sounds normal. If you dimed the distortion the amp will hum a lot louder. Turn down the gain. All tube amps do this but the VK is overgained and tends to overwhelm itself. Also watch your power source and grounding issues. Likewise electrical interference.
I had this problem a bit with my peavey classic, but it was from some flourescent lights.
Maybe it's from your guitar.
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I own a Peavey Valveking 112 too. I did have a little problem with noise, but like darkarbiter7 said, mine was from flourescent lights. And I later found out too, that my guitar was grounded properly. I have also read that the tubes that come with Valvekings arent really the greatest for whatever reason. Id have it looked it. Might cost ya $50 or so but its worth it to have a nice quiet amp. Hope this helps a little.
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Just a FYI. There are 2 kinds of blue glow. There can be a blue glow from minor contaminents in the tube, which is just electrons hitting the impurity. This is a deep blue flourescent glow, that looks like it's sticking to surfaces in the tube. This glow is harmless.

The other kind is caused by an air leak in the vacuum, and the air gets ionized when plate voltage is applied. It's a purplish almost pink glow that looks like it's inbetween parts in the tubes, not sticking to them like the first kind. If you see that kind of glow, it's a good idea to replace them asap since it can do damage to other components.
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