My name is Danny, im 24 and i live in Westfield NJ. Me and my drummer are starting to wanna do more originals, and are looking to play shows sooon. We are looking for anybody, male or female, between the ages of 22-27 who has experience and wants to take music seriously. We play heavy melodic stuff. Some may say emo, I try to stay away from that genre though. I dont believe in genres, they hold you down and limit your writing. Please get back to me and lemme know if youz got interest. Thanx!
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You will know the name sooner then you think....
wow im from cranford new jersey small world. I just wanted to say that im actually a gutiarist. Good luck though
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im a bass player from hopactcong nj but im 17 and play ska, punk, and reggae so i dont think im what your looking for