Got my hands on a Peavey Valveking VK100 which is just a little bit more robust than my EVJ (cue laughter) and I have a little question regarding plugging it into my cab.

It has 2 output plugs to connect to the cab. I only have one cable currently and have the cab set to 16 Ohm mono.

So I switch the head to it's 16 Ohm setting then... err... which output plug do I connect the cab to? It's got two and doesn't state if either is specifically a mono output. It says the speaker jacks are paralleled, so does it matter which one?
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Its capable of running two cabs, usually 412's. Just use one plug and you are fine. You have a half-stack (if the cab is 412.) Make sure the cab ohms match the head ohms. If you set the head to 16 then the cab must be 16, etc. Use the outside jack, although it won't really matter.