Here's a little song that I wrote in a day. It's kinda funky, and I like it. It's different for me because I usually write metal. Give me a crit and tell me what you think. Hope you enjoy it!
My Music.zip
They have 6 strings and are tuned the same as guitars. They just use the slap bass sound.
Hey, I'm Mike.
Hmm. How would I change them to basses then? As you probably already know, I haven't been using guitar pro for very long.
When you make a new track, change the number of strings to 4. Then it should go to "Bass Standard Tuning" and be a bass.
Hey, I'm Mike.
it's unique...

it's cool i guess, some cool progressions and muted notes and some cool ideas. maybe make the timing less predictable? I don't know where you want to go with this though

crit mine?