is there an easyway to get rid of them???
mine says
omg i cant believe the pics this girl put on her myspace page, what is she thinking?

then it gives a link..
Don't click the links....
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Myspace is the Virus you fool!
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youve gotten tricked into entering a password on another site mimicing myspace
when myspace randomly tells you to enter your pw again check the url

and yeah change your pw
Whos space?

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Change your password.

problem solved
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tom posts "announcements" about this pretty much 24/7. how can you still not know whats going on?


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is there something like this on facebook? once i tried to sign in to facebook, but my pass didn't work. after several tries it said i had to enter my actual email address' password, but I never did it.
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Look in your 'About Me' section for any codes that you havent put in.Like when the Raul virus came around a few months ago lol.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

ha! you still use myspace... facebook is kooler imo. myspace pissed me off to much. and ya changing your password should work
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