I was going through the Pit as usual, and opened the "What guitar is this"thread...

Some retard apparently thought it was funny to post some pic, it was like a collage of all the sickest **** of the internet, including Tubgirl. I had never seen Tubgirl before and I really despise all the sick **** on the internet, so as soon as I saw this pic I quickly scrolled back. I only saw the pic for a split second, gladly.

Anyone else get (almost) scarred for life?
yeah i saw it to
Quote by kidsthesedays
i often have urges to throw things at walls. and kick toddlers. i'm pretty sure that without the moral/legal/ethical ramifications, kicking a toddler like a football would be the most entertaining thing in the world.

Rofl you think that's nasty? Check the last page of the relationship thread. ahhaha

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(Jack) why teh fuck do people still have rottweilers/pit bulls?
(Lucy) why the fuck not?
(Jack) because they have a strange tendency to EAT YOUR CHILDREN