those, except for a humbucker...

Is there anywhere I can buy these, or do they even exist?
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Thanks LP Addict, but I don't want to buy new pickups, just a cover for them thats coloured.

Wait, Artemis, I thought a cover would just go over the pickup, or do I have to remove the already existing cover and replace it?
How exactly would I paint the pickup without ruining it? Has anybody even done this before?
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Ask Steve Vai.


That guy has some crazy axes.

Those are all dimarzio made pickups, no covers on them. Just colored Evo's.
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umm, as long as you just paint the plastic and not the pole peices you should be good. i would probably hand paint them with a small brush with a paint that would adhere to plastic. then paint on a layer of clearcoat just to be safe. practice on a sh1t pickup first.