im in a 3 piece pop punk/Punkrock band.
At the moment and am playing guitar.

im not to comfortable with this and would to get a lead guitarist. So i can play rythym.

but the other members arent to keen on getting another guitarist.

i feel like quitting but the band is my best mates and if i quit he might hate me.


also we have a very unoriginal band name 'spin 57'
After playing with two guitars, you'll never want to go back to just one. Find some other guitarist to jam with the band for one practice, and the other guys will love having the fuller sound.

Ironically enough, every other member of my previous band wanted it to be named "Obsession 57". Which is seriously utter bull****.

Good thing I stopped that.
Just find a lead guitarist that knows his stuff and go to you band mates and ask them to just try it out and jam thru a song. I've been in both set ups, I prefer one guitar however for your style of music I agree that 2 would be best.