does anyone have any links or information about how guitar pre-amps work? Its for a project and i cant find bugger all info on the net.

any help appreciated
pretty simple...for tube amps at least, here you go:

Your guitar puts out an AC wave that is anywhere from 100mV to 2V peak to peak. Your power amp tubes require upwards of 150 volts peak to peak to drive the tubes. The Preamp does the amplification to get from low level guitar output stuff to the voltage levels required to drive the power tubes.

And should you not know, "peak to peak" is this...when your guitar sends out a signal, it's something resembling a sine wave, centered on ground (zero volts). The signal goes up and down to certain levels...in the case of 2V peak to peak, it goes from +1V to -1V, so you get 2V peak to peak.

Preamp tubes also color the sound, distort the sound, overdrive, etc...which you power amp tubes do as well.

For solid state, it's the same thing, but the voltages are a lot lower.
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