Hey, I just purchased a new setup, including a Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket tube amp and a pod 2.0 with the full floorboard.
Before I purchased the Mesa, I had a Marshall MG250dfx, and played the POD through that, and got good results. After a lot of online research though, I took it back and bought this Mesa tube. And oddly... (i'm sure i'll get flamed..).. I think the Marshall sounded better.
But then again, I was running both through the POD, the marshall didn't sound as good without the POD. So, i guess my question is, does the POD rob tone out of the Mesa? I've read that the POD was made for solid state amps to give it more tube warmth modeling, so does it hurt that i'm playing the POD through a real tube amp?
yea any modeller is gonna rob your tone. they're really made for flat response amps with no preamps like a keyboard amp. but if u mess around with it for a while you should be able to get good results. (im not big on pedals myself)
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Yeah, its kind of tough, the Mesa is pretty much just... a standard amp, no reverb or delay or anything... should I just spend the money and get the analog pedals then, or just mess with the POD and see what i can get?
if you want to use the pod with a tube amp use it going through the power amp section. dont use it over the tubes clean channel
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you might want to consider going for single effects pedals, but in the meantime try running the pod through the effects loop. and use the effects but don't use the amp modelers.
They're volatile with the wrong setup. I know a guy from a local band who uses his straight into the front end of a 65 RI and he gets some thumpin' sounds out of the thing. In my experience with Mesa-Boogie, they hate anything but the most basic effects(Overdrive, Delays, Wah) so something like a Pod might not work out of you. My friend tried to use one with his Recto and it sounded downright nasty.
Well, if you have a good amp, have you tried turning off the modelling effects? No use in modeling on a nice amp. Try that out, I remember havin the same problem with my GT- years ago, until I turned off modeling.
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Get rid of the POS!

, I meant to type POD, but that's an interesting typo.

The 'Marshall' (and I use that word in the lightest possible terms) needed the POD/POS 'cos it's a garbage amp that any experienced player would sooner set fire to than accept for free.

The Mesa has a much better tone, being a pro quality gigging amp, and needs digital modellers kept far far away from it.
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Buying a Mesa Boogie to run a POD through is like making a cake and then taking a **** on it for the icing, you ain't gonna be tasting the cake you'll be tasting the ****.
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If you can get them set up they work good. Jesper Stromblad of In Flames uses it for his clean tones through the 5150 and 6505 amps they use and they seem really good.
so someone please explain how the pod mysteriously 'robs' the beautiful TUUUB tone from any decent amp? honestly, try to think past the stigma "oh **** modeling is crap and tubes = untouchable tone" and see things for what they are, just tools.

and ts, i think your problem probably is that you have the amp/cab/mike effects on your pod running through the boogie amp. you dont want that, because that = mud. it would be like running a whole rig, taking the recorded sound that comes out and running it through another amp again. hte better option is to just use the pod through the effects loop for a few time based effects, like delay, chorus, rvb, etc (not distortion, overdrive or fuzz and especially amp effects).
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