AVP: Requiem

This movie looks awesome! I am a HUGE fan of aliens and predators, and even tho the first movie wasn't that great, this one looks promising. I think this is the way AVP should have been. As much gore and fighting between the two brutes as possible, not that PG-13 stuff. I can't wait for it! So, what do you guys think of it and the rest of the alien and predator movies?
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That looked pretty cool. I'm gonna see it cuz predators are my homies. And the alien with the armor, bomb, weapons, and camoflage is pretty cool too.
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The first movie was alright, but it was really cheesy. I don't think I'll be watching the second one.
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First one sucked, second one will suck as hard if not twice as hard as the first.

EDIT: and it ain't gonna be a good movie without my governor in it
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Sounds too.....would-be-artsy. I would prefer something like "Alien Vs Predator: Awww ****." Or something similar. That being said, the movie looks way better than the first AVP, and the last two Alien-movies. I will be seeing it.
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That was pretty badass. Pred cutting an alien into pieces and the acid to the face...

Looks like a good movie. I might check it out when it hits the theaters.
i didnt really like the first AVP, but i guess this one looks alright... my drummer loves ALL the Alien and Predator movies.... even the **** ones, anytime i go over to his place he makes me watch one....
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Looks decent, I'm sure I'll see it. I didn't mind the first AVP until the human and the predator teamed up, that was so lame.
i saw alien vs predator when i was younger and had nightmares......i hate any slightly scary/horror movies.
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o.O looks better then I thought it would... and +1 to the westo saying it won't be as good without arney
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