I have a 100 watt Ibanez combo with a 15 in. speaker. And it's been working good up until Friday, when the speaker started buzzing. At first it only did it on the low E string, but now it does it all the time.

Well not exactly, if I just turn the amp on and start playing, it'll sound fine for like five or ten minutes. And then my low strings will start to make the amp buzz, and eventually so will the others, almost like the more "warmed up" it is, the more buzzing. I haven't messed with the settings much, they've remained relatively the same since June or July.

Any idea on what could be causing this? One of my friends told me to check on the fuse. But, the fuse is like a switch I think, either it's working or it's not, there's not in-between.

Anybody help? I have warranty at the shop I bought it from, but if it's something I can fix at home I'd rather not waste the time.
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Hmm, what volume do you usually have it set up at?

What is the speaker enclosure ohms and what is the heads ohms rating?

What is the wattage rating of the cabnet?

did you really read the post? he said its a COMBO! i suspect a bad speaker or just turning it up too loud.
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ha yeah, it's 8 ohms on both however. And I never turn the volume up past 2 or 3, it's been staying in my room lately, I keep a 50 watt combo at the place where I jam with friends mostly because it's a lot of trouble getting big things up three flights of stairs and into his room.

I keep a little multi effects pedal on top of it (a Zoom 506 II), and someone mentioned that it might be causing interference. But I've had it there and have been playing with it like that since at least May, and no trouble.

I think I'm just going to run it up to the shop tomorrow.
buzzing after warm-up? could be a power supply, or transformer, going bad. if you have a warranty, take it in, get it looked at. good luck!
I don't think it's the amp.

If your bass has active pickups that means they run on batteries. (Check the back, if there's a panel directly behind the pick-ups I'm pretty sure you have active pickups.. just take it off and see what's there.)

I have active pickups and you're describing the exact "symptoms". It takes more battery power for low notes which is why you will hear the lower strings buzz, and then the high strings will start buzzing later on after more power is used up.

If you aren't using active pickups then I'd take it back and tell you that it is the amp, but I can't help you with amps. :P
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Yeah my bass is active, but I just changed the batteries earlier this week. That, and I used a passive Milestone on the amp as well, and same thing happened.