Recently my Msn messenger has been playing up. Everytime i try to log in, i get this message:

"Windows Live messenger has made several failed attempts to sign you in. Your firewall may be blocking windows live messenger from connecting to the service. Please review your firewall settings"

and for references, it is error code 80048820.

Now, the problem is, i dont even have a firewall running. My computer came install with some ****ty security centre, which has now expired, and the firewall is not running. I even disabled the windows firewall settings, but still it wont let me through.

Any one know what could be causing this problem? it hasn't happened before.
check the fire wall...its norton...it makes up ****ty rules for almost every program automatically...go into it...to the firewall...configure...then go down to messanger and check that it is allowing connections
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haha its not norton...but norton is crap.

And cheers for the advice. But i found out the problem. My computer date & time werent right. It was set for 2004, not 2007, and apparently that screws everything up....no wonder y2k was such a mess...