Im hoping to be getting a slide in a few days and was wondering if someone could reccomend which tuning would be best for electrics.

I was also wondering if you guys could could reccomend some good songs to play with slide or artists that use slide so I could hear some.


If anyone knows of an existing slide thread, Ill delete this one and go there, but I dont see one.
i'd suggest drop D, you might not think thatd suit but its so much easier.
and make sure its a metal slide. not a glass one.
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I always find an open chord tuning (open E, or D for example) to work well with blues, it gives alot of room for improvisations, while stille carrying that nice sliding sound.
I have both, but I think I lost my glass one ^^ must get a brass one aswel sometime
Why do people say metal slides are better? The only thing that metal slides are better for IMO is on acoustic.
Play with the open tunings (G, D, E, etc.) and standard until you find what you like best. As to which slide, I personally like metal better, because I get this overtone with a glass slide that I don't really want.
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Why do people say metal slides are better? The only thing that metal slides are better for IMO is on acoustic.

Yeah, I like metal for the brighter tone on acoustics, but I prefer glass for electric.
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I prefer glass, especially for electric, but it is really up to you. check out the allman brothers band, derek trucks, warren haynes (w/ or w/out gov't mule) muddy waters, and elmore james for some good slide artists.
The White Stripes also use alot of slides, and I think their solo's etc sound awesome every time
Yeah, mess around in some open tunings. I use G and D mainly. (DGDGBd and DADF#Ad respectively) that way you can just barre across a fret and it's a chord. (open or 12th fret is the one chord, 5th fret is the four chord, and 7th fret is the five chord) Also, in open tunings, the scales are pretty much across one fret too. Some good open tuning slide to check out would be Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Muddy Waters (earier stuff), George Thorogood, and The Whitestripes. In standard, check out ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons pulls some sick slide in standard tuning, also make sure to give Duane Allman a listen. Also, playing power chords with a slide in Drop D sounds pretty awesome. Have fun with it.
You guys haven't lived till you play a cheap nylon-stringed guitar tuned to open G lap-slide style using a plastic glue-stick. Go on, try it, it actually works quite well.
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What material slide you use is up to you. Neither is better, just make sure that you don't cut the neck off a bottle because it will have a seam on it (which will inevitably and annoyingly work its way around to the strings and then cause buzzing). Then it's time for the tuning issue. Slide can easier in open tunings because it can mean less moving about. If you tune your guitar down to open G or D then if you lay your slide flat across a fret and strum it will make a chord. Easy.
Open D is my favourate because I find it easier to accompany myself using my thumb, and it also can be considered the mother tuning because (and this is where I am using my memory) Open G is derrived from it. Anyhow. depending on what you want to play with your slide determines what you should learn. I would highly recomend you check you Kevin Brown for the accoustic side of slide. He taught me and is a really great guy. Buy his albums, they are really good http://www.myspace.com/mykevinbrown

If you were more into the electric blues then go and listen to Eddie Martin. He plays both accoustic and electric. I've seen him a few times and he is amazing. I last saw him last Wednesday. Get his new album because it is really great http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=76612245

These are some of the best slide players in the UK so be warned, but it is great music.

Oh and you will want a heavy gauge of strings and a higher action on your guitar.
I play in Open A and sometimes E. i started playing a bunch of white stripes like Death Letter, Catch Hell Blues, Little Bird. Then i started learning some Robert Johnson, Son House, and Blind Willie Johnson. I play with both glass and metal slides. I use glass for electric and metal for acoustic.
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Glass slides own metal for soulful tone - metal sounds alot more dirty.
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