My 18th is coming up in a couple of months, and my Mum wants to know what she can get her wonderful son for his big day! I've got roughly £250 to spend, but she's willing to go about £50 over for a guitar I really like.

I'm pretty torn between these two. They both seem very nice, and I already have a very nice amp that does most types of music (Randall RG50TC). I currently play a Schecter C1 Hellraiser, but it's way too 'br00t4l' for me. I play alt rock along the lines of Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, AFI, Daisy Chainsaw, Queenadreena and InMe, but I'm also heavily influenced by bands like The Horrors, You Say Party! We Say Die! and Metric, along with punky bands like The Ramones and Misfits.

I have an old, bashed-up tele that keeps throwing in the towel and I love the crisp, clear Fender tone, but I miss the hum cancelling-ness and the slight beef of a bridge humbucker, so I don't know what to go for.

Help me out?
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fender strat

But would I be able to get slightly heavier tones out of it, a la Muse/InMe?
Strat is very versatile, i think you'll be able to get some decent heavy tones out of it.
My tele can get pretty beefy, but it hums like a bitch. I tried a HSS strat, but it didn't quite cut it. The bridge humbucker sucked.
will it still be a fender strat if it has humbuckers? its partly famous for their single coil pickups
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You can always change it

To be honest, if it was the bridge humbucker I wanted in the end I'd get the V =/
They DO look rather cool, but would I still be able to get the clear, snappy tones of a strat? I've heard that Korina can have a brighter tone, so that attracted me to it.
Theres the American series Strat HSS or for that matter The strat HH, The strat HSS has the humbucker with two single cols whereas the HH is two humbuckers...The S-1 Switching system also makes this a mean axe...If u dunno what it is then basically...according to fender Bridges the gap between Super clean..and Super Distorted so u can have the best of both worlds...was about to go for that but i got attracted to the tele instead =P