Hello Everybody!

I know there are lots of threads about "which guitar to buy" i went thought like 80% of them but there is still no final answer, also i looked at the sticky thread which says that any guitar around 1000$ are all good so no final answer again.

Lets get down to buisness, i am buying guitar and i have around 1000~$, there are no local shops in town or country so i can go by my self and check out sound and other stuff after a little research i did i choose following guitars 2 buy.

Jackson DKMG
Ibanez RG1570
ibanez RG2570

I Play from Heavy Rock to Death Metal + Shredding.

or maybe there are better guitars for (heavy rock with low action + floyd rose) and you guys can suggest me some of them , and if you do please tell me why guitar1 is better then guitar2.

P.S. maybe we should make a new thread about which guitar to buy on price ranges? cuz that thread is out of date i think, lets make some kind of poll and choose which guitar to go for that price range or something like that.
Ibanez RG550 is the ultimate shred machine, but they are hard to find as they dont make them anymore

but any higher-end Jackson shreds it up real nice too.
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Ibanez RG550 is the ultimate shred machine, but they are hard to find as they dont make them anymore

but any higher-end Jackson shreds it up real nice too.

Well by shred machine if you mean that it has low action that's not a reason to buy cuz i dont realy like to shred but when i jam with friends they mostly play riff and i shredd so i want a realy low action guitar with no buzz and + with super sound on distortion.

and which jacksons you mean? is DKMG shred machine by your view?

Sorry for bad english.
Out of the three? the I'd take the RG1570, the only difference between the RG1570 and RG2570 is the textured paint, pups and fancy things but strip it all and you've got the 1570.

Or better yet, just buy a used RG550 on eBay if you can.
$1000=sheckter c-1 hellraiser fr
OFR, emg 85 and 81, neck thru
it's basically the same thing as teh DKMG, just neck thru and has an OFR rather than a LFR
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i have a jackson, and its a great metal guitar. i would definetly recomend a jackson
Well guys i dont know any theory or technical **** in guitar, i just play.

I dont know why it's better to have a humbucker then a single coil or anything else like that.

what does OFR and LFR stands for?

edit 2: why kramera bereta why is these better then these listed guitars?
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OFR = original floyd rose = real floyd rose made by floyd rose = good

LFR = licensed floyd rose = copies made by other companies = dodgy

Kramer baretta = usa made = good quality = fast neck = nice pickup = good shred guitar

sorry, I tried to answer your question twice before and wrote two essays. But the internet played with me twice. Otherwise i would have given you a proper and good answer.

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if you get a baretta, get it off ebay for like 5-600 because they are originals.
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thanks buddy, so i need humbucker right? cuz wiki says that it has a fatter sound? i dont realy understand any of that ****....

i just want a guitar 2 shred and play heavy riffs, which one is best around 1000$?

and btw , would you guys pay extra 100$ for original floyd rose than licensed? i mean how many times oringinal is better then license?
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You interested in an ESP LTD JH-600?

EMG 81/85
neck thru

wow perfect specs, i see you have it, how does it sound?
My brother has an Ibanez RG, it plays really nice. I kinda wanna steal it.
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if your looking for shred
then go with ibanez
if your looking for metal then get a jackson
if your looking for both id say get the jackson