Yeah thats rite, im planning to cheat my way in to the orange revolution club! No but seriously anyone have an opinion on these cus I'm moving in to student housing where there are strict rules about volume levels (sucks i know but im getting an ensuite bathroom, insurance and internet all inclusive in a really low rent cost) and as i need to save money from being a student so i figured just as a practice amp for now this mite just be the way to go! But like i said if anyone knows of a good reason not to buy one id greatly appreciate hearing it
well...they're expensive? get a roland cube, unless you really want the orange
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£30? not really a problem for me sounds like a fair price considering theres a tuner there too
the cleans are awful if you turn up past halfway but the overdrive chanel sounds pretty decent
Doesn't work man. To be in the club jinskee specifically said you need an "Orange Tube Amp"
And the crush series are probably crap, as much as I love orange. You'd be better off with a valvetronix.

EDIT: Or you could also check out the roland microcube. But anyways the reason I say the microcrush is crap is because the tuner takes up half the frickin head. I doubt it sounds good at all turned up past halfway, but if you don't care and you just want to go Orange, then go for it I'm just saying, for the money, you could get much better. Don't expect awesome orange quality and sound like in their tube amps, it is just a solid state micro amp with orange's label on it. But if you get one, you could always still join the orange cult group: http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/orangeamps/
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Yeah I was kidding bout joining the revolution club. hmmm ill have a look at the roland microcube thanks (ill have the TT by xmas anyway, jus need something for now)
i'd go with a vox AD15VT. it's reasonably light and small, won;t be too loud and will sound better than the orange micro crush
Can't go wrong with a microcube, aux in, phone/rec out, 7 models, gain, tone, volume, can opperate on battery power.

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Oranges are actually a revolution though - they're the next step from Rectos IMO.
get the micro 1/2 stack by Marshall, Ms-2 i think, great little tones out of it for around £20. Its not an MG so it must be good, right?
lol, anyway its perfect for the volume that you are restricted to, and it has a pretty good OD channel, the clean distorts when you get the volume over 12o'clock, just like a JCM but seriously for around 20 quid you cant go wrong.

Oh just remembered its the one in school of rock, y'know where Jack Black is walking around the classroom doing a piss poor redition of smoke on the water, as you can see from that, it has a belt clip on the back of it and runs on either 1 square battery or a 9volt DC adapter, for when your not moving and doing Deep Purple covers.
I played one yesterday. Really terrible amp. I'm not trying to be a snob... it's just a complete waste of 30 quid.
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Yeah, you're better off saving up for something like a microcube.

That's definitely worth your time.
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