When ever I play, especially if I stand, my left wrist is at like a 90 degree angle from my forearm. I try to straighten it out, but If I do it makes it way harder to play barre chords and the lower 3 strings, and if I play with my wrist at such a sharp angle it starts to really hurt. Wadoido?
Raise your strap...?

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Do you know you're not supposed to have the guitar straight so it goes horizontal across your body?
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Either raise your strap or get used to it.
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Do you know you're not supposed to have the guitar straight so it goes horizontal across your body?

Yeah, the neck kind of goes upwards towards you.
Try rotating your hand so your thumb is more parallel to the neck than perpendicular? I get a sore wrist if I play lots of barre chords (especially as I work my way down the neck), its annoying..
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Yeah, last person I was talking to said best bet (most comfortable and accessible for the strings) is close to about 45 degrees. I tried and out and it makes sense to me, and it sure is comfortable.

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But if I raise my strap I wont be cool!!

My straps at about the same height as if I rested my guitar on my knee, so theres no difference there, and raising it higher then that gets uncomfortable for my RIGHT hand.
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Put your thumb over the top of the neck, it should let you have a completely straight wrist.