I just got an Orange Tiny Terror and am impressed with it's sound, but I haven't been able to shape the sound very well other than the amount of gain/darkness. I thought an EQ pedal might be able to give the sound i'm after, but would this work well considering the amp has no effects loop?
The TT isn't exactly the most versatile amp in the world. What sounds are you going for?
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the tone knob on your guitar, as well as volume , and the tone knob on the tiny terror...

edit: but if you have tried that, yes you can run it straight through... shouldnt be any problems...
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I've never put anything infront of mine, except for my wah occasionally, but it sounds great just by itself. What do you need to change about it?
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Generally if you need to change the TTs sound, you bought the wrong amp..this thing is a one-trick.....stallion? I.e it's really really good at what it does.

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Oranges are actually a revolution though - they're the next step from Rectos IMO.
its really a plug-in-and-go little amp - awesome none the less

get a 10band e.q pedal