I just got all the parts in for my new pickguard but have no idea how to wire it. The included DiMarzio instructions where little to no help. I have the following parts

-DSonic 7 in Bridge
- Air Norton 7 in neck
-3 Dimarzio 500k pots, 2 volume 1 tone
- Dimarzio 3 way selector switch

I want to wire it in the following way

- Bridge pickup
- two inside coils
- neck pickup

I have everything I need, but don't know what to do with it. Don't recommend I take it to someone else or send it somewhere, if I dont learn how to do this now I never will.
are the pickups 4 wire output
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do you have a link to the switch? Is it like a tele switch? an LP switch? something unique?

That's really the key here. If the switch is like a tele you might be able to come up with something, that will get you those combos. But I'm not certain, and I cba to think about it if I don't know which switch you have. If it's a standard LP type, no way, without a push-pull pot. Honestly, a good choice would be a 5-way superswitch. Or a megaswitch-P
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