My friend and me are betting on summerslam and whoever gets the most matches right wins, but we can't figure out what the loser will have to do, so we figured we'd turn to the pit for answers...something preferably legal...and it can't have anything to do with icy hot or a barrel roll
you're supposed to say 'inb4 icy hot, barrel roll'

horse racing
dice in the alley

that's all i got
Make sure you choose Batista over Khali.

For the punishment.. The winner gets 10 paintball shots at the loser.
It's difficult to win unless you're bored.

Otherwise just, I don't know, sometimes when me and a random friend of mine take bets on something and one of us is broke, we just let the person hit you wherever he want's.. I only make these bets when I know I'm winning
make the loser become a maid 4 a week!!!hahahahahhha..let him clean up yer room n all yer stuff...let him serve ya..n call u sir!!!u'll feel gud...let him do all dat...

cdnt think of nethn els!!

n yeah..make him slp...on the floor!!
it has to be something crazy stupid
and no teabagging, like...going up to the biggest black guy you can find and ask him if he's got any fried chicken or something stupid
going up to the biggest black guy you can find and ask him if he's got any fried chicken

or the bikini thing
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Quote by Holy Katana
I have a great idea on what to bet on: how quickly this thread will be closed.

Well, it's been open for almost 2 hours. Why would it get closed anyways?

If you wanna do something stupid, how about streaking? Or streaking while wearing a wig over your genitals if completely naked streaking is considered illegal.
It's difficult to win unless you're bored.
Money, laundry, girls...

You can also just bet on evry match. You say how much you are going to bet first, then once you two agree, you say on who. You know, 5 bucks in the pool. If you both bet on the same person, it carries over to the next match, so on, so forth.
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