Hi all! I'm willing to buy a new guitar and i would like some suggestions. I have worked very hard all summer and I now have 2700$ to choose a guitar ! The jackson Sl2H, the Ibanez Jem7VWH and the Esp M-II look like good guitars 2 me.
Specs i'm looking for:
-24 frets
-Good acces to the higher frets
-Fast neck
-Flat neck
-NO crazy shaped body
-Be able to get nice clean tones and sweet distorded tones
-Floating bridge that stays in tune
-Jumbo frets

Sorry for my bad english I'm french...

why spend so much money, go on ebay, look at 'edwards' guitars, theres one with 27 frets, SDs and a floyd for like 1100
which is still lots of money
between those id go for the soloist just cause i liek sustainers (im assuming thats the one your talking about)
but evolutions are beautiful pickups
really you cant go wrong with those two
I have no experience with those guitars, but I have to say, you speak better english than most users on the UG forums :P . But anyway, I don't see spending that much on a guitar being the best choice, there are plenty of terrific guitars out there for less, and it would leave you with some extra scratch for some more effects and such .
hmm what kind of amp do you have?
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Thank you all for replying, I know that I will not use all that money, none of these guitars worth 2700$ but I want you to know that I can buy the best thing I will try.

I'm don't want a 27 frets guitars because my fingers would be too big to play on them anyway. I'm not sure about Edwards, I never tried any of these. Guitars on Ebay are sure cheap but I want to try the guitar itself before buying it.

For the amp, I have a 120W Randall RX120R that I don't like so much so I will hopefully get a nice tube amp soon so I don't care if the guitar fits well with my current amp.
go wiht a caparison
im a caparison ***** myself
despite having never played one :P
it really depends though
what kind of music are you looking to play?
Oh sorry I forgot the music, I play mostly lead guitar on my own and in my band, I like to play songs from Steve Vai, Symphony X, Children of Bodom, Dream theater but some times, I play Jimi Hendrix songs and clean stuff too.