i Hope i havent put this in wrong section,

i just got my first Acoustic guitar
and iam so very lost, i thaught maybe you experts had any advices on what Exercises
one should work on and that gives results fairly quick,hopeing on learning some cool easy riffs, ore do you guy's have like Step 1-2-3-4-5 on what you should work on as a beginner?

Sorry for mad bad english and if i have posted this in the wrong section.
one thing that i did when i got my guitar was learn some easy songs like smoke on the water, iron man,crazy train but your on an acoustic so just learn easy stuff that u like so just look up tabs and such
i think u should start with a basic scale, some basic chords, and as for a cool riff, maybe the riff from Run Like Hell (an unrelessed song) by Coheed and cambria. i think u can find it on Limewire. My Hero is a song to try acoustic as well.
practice learning the major and minor scales, that helped me a lot.

as for riffs, try this pattern, you can play it really anywhere, and even vary it in a bunch of ways:



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Don't try to learn songs that are too hard to start with, i can't tell you the amount of people i know who had a guitar, tried to learn their favourite metallica riffs, failed, then gave up guitar a couple weeks later. When i first got my guitar my guitar teacher gave me tabs for like, theme tunes and things for tv shows, nothing hard, ya know? progress from there, six years later here i am, shreddin' like a pimp, just start easy and work your way up.

Learn the open chords, that gave me a good base to work from and put me way ahead of my friends who hadn't learnt any chords. start off with simple chords like A, C, D, E and G, you should be able to find them on the internet with a bit of googling.

As for finger exercises, yeah i would highly recommend them, they will be hard at first and will not feel natural, you may wonder why you are doing them but trust me, they will pay off in a month or 2 when you have much much greater control and dexterity in your fingers, for those exercises search on YouTube for guitar finger exercises, there's a load of people doing video lessons on there.

One last thing, If you can, try to use your Pinky finger now and again, and then start using it more often, you don't want that little fella to get left behind, it'll be a great asset to you if you can use all four fingers on your left hand competently a bit further down the line.

Most of all, have fun with what you are playing, don't be overwhelmed by the amount of info coming at you, there is so much stuff to learn about playing music and music theory that you just gotta dodge some of it, and take it in at your own pace, and never give up, you will hit times when you won't feel like you have progressed at all for months then all of a sudden, hey, that song you tried to learn 6 months ago but gave up on is suddenly possible, awesome! Good Luck, man.
Alrighty,thanks for the tips ive been away for a while sofar ive practiced on Bob dylans -knocking on heveans door and America-No named horse.
but one thing iam bit lost in let's say id like to learn a new song and it shows up like this
(forgive me for all this text:P)

TABS iam Assuming these are hmm''Power chords''




(riff 5)


same song
A D C G A (2x) A G A (5x)
A G F G (2x) A
A D C G A (2x) A G (4x) A

Alright here it's goes it's the same song one in power chords right? then the other one in normal major chord? so how can one song come from power chord to full major chords,iam bit confused about all this.it's like i look att TAB's at one place then theres another place that shows Chords and they are all totaly diffrent but same song.
I first started practising basic chords. Like G chord, then C chord. Then I practiced switching back and forth until I got it down. Then I added another chord. And practised switching those back and forth. I did this until I knew every major chord. Then I started with their minors. Then 7's. And then I started asking questions on how to do more. There is so much stuff to learn, just start basic.
Chord Chart
Chord Chart with sound files
Another Chord Chart with instructions for reading chords and other good info for beginners.

Do you see a pattern? Learn some chords first, preferably putting together a few songs with them so you don't get bored, then focus on leads and riffs once you know at least some rythym guitar.
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Thx for answears,iam fiddling arround whith C,D,E,G,Am,A. so mainley practicing on them trying to switch smoothley beetwen the chords.
what beginer song whould you recommend that implements these chords.
i have been trying Knocking on heveans door and,A horse whith no name
as i looked further in to chords and stuff i se lots of ppl using powerchords are they worth adding into practice to? like fiddling whith a song whith powerchord.

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Sure, nothing wrong with power chords, but you do need to learn the standard A through G open chord as well.

You may already know, but Horse With No Name is Em to F#m, I do it by sliding the Em up two frets and dropping the index finger back a fret to get the minor note of the F#. Em should be easy, check the chord charts. You just pick up the index finger.

Songs in that general style...simple classic rock

Neil Young - Old Man - D, Am, Em, G, C
Bob Seger - Turn the Page - Em, D, A, C
Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight - G, D, C, Em
Almost anything by CCR...
Proud Mary is in D, Susie Q, Old Man Down the Road in E, Born on the Bayou, Green River, Run Through the Jungle in E also, a lot of good easy songs there
Pure Prairie League - Amie - A, G, D, C, E
Eagles - several fairly easy ones there,

and there's lots more, listen to some radio or dig out some CDs and you should be able to pick up tons of stuff you'd like to try that's not out of bounds for a beginner. Especially groups like Eagles and America, Cat Stevens, some Bob Seger stuff, CCR, and some of the newer acoustic stuff is not difficult. Don't shy away from trying electric songs on an acoustic, I've done it for years. Georgia Satellites Keep Your Hands to Yourself is easy and a lot of fun, in A. Tom Petty has dome some great songs for both electric and acoustic that aren't too difficult. You Wreck Me is in E and not hard at all, works fine, I learned it on acoustic.

Don't be afraid to experiment, that's how Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles got famous...and yeah, pick up some songs using power chords, nothing wrong with that but they don't sound the same on acoustic. Does work though...
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