so for the past couple of days I've been trying to load pictures onto my profile, I always pick one out then click upload then it all stops and say preparing upload and doesn't feeze just doesn't finish or anything. Any Advice?
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wrong forum

The pit is never the wrong forum...there are just better choices for more immediate response. It's not site feedback, because it's just his computer.
I bet its a 24 bitmap drawing, most sites don't support those pictures, or maybe it's too large.

EDIT: open it on ms paint and save it as a j-peg
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The pit is never the wrong forum...

Yes it is idiot. If you want a guitar related question answered, you go to the guitar forums. If you want a bass related question answered, you go to the bass forum. Want a profile question answered? Go to the thread over in site feedback.

Just because the Pit is the "other" forum, doesn't make it a conglomeration of all other forums.