wellllll...my strings break at least 2ce a month.....but not all of em...one at a time......

i play around 2-3h a day......

is it normal for them to break that much?? the strings that break most are strings 4,5,6.....
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I've broken one string in about 10 years.

What kind of guitar do you have and where along the length of the string are they breaking?
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ive only broken one string and that was my first set and i didnt know how to tune the guitar and made it too tight
i just broke one last night for the first time since i got my guitar set up back in June.
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In seven years of playing I've never broken a single string by playing on it........and I play rather hard (admittedly I use .13's and tune a step down, but still). If they're breaking on the saddle end, check the saddles for imperfections, they may need some filing. Check the nut as well just for good measure
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Ummm. Never.

Where are your strings breaking?

If it's at a contact point (nut/saddle) then you might want to check and see if you have any sharp burrs that are cutting up your strings and sand them down.
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