I play mostly GNR/metallica/aerosmith/acdc type classic rock and I already own a schecter S1 elite. I need a second guitar for the road in the 200-400$ range. Preferablywith a similar sound (the full deep rocking sound of humbuckers or equivalent pickups). Would like to try something with a narrow neck for fast licks, but dont like the floyd-rose tuning locks.
Already tried gibson standard SG, les paul and they didnt feel right. Anyone know of any good emg/jackson/ibanez models that do not have the floyd rose tuning locks?
Any help will be appreciated -
Thanks guys!
I'd go for a used Ibanez S470 if you can deal with the tuning locks (Herman Li of Dragonforce uses it thus good for fast licks). The three pickup arrangement gives it some versatility as well.

Also check out some ESPs...for instance these:
Gibson Les Paul Classic
Traynor YCV 50 Custom Blue

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