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Hey, I was just wondering. What kinds of scales would you use to improvise or solo in a jazz song? Would you use anything like a blues scale or is it something completely different? And if for some reason you guys can't tell me, do you know where I might be able to find out? Thanks in advance.
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diminished is used alot. also, i think the dorian mode is common
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All of them

There is no limit to what scales you can use, as they all give a different sound. The blues scale is what I started off on, and it was quite good for jazz. From there Ive moved onto modes and all that stupid stuff but ya, try out everything.

And by the way, dont forget about the major scale
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I found that a jezzy sound comes when you play the major-pentatonic/blues scale on the minor chord.
try it.
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a Myxolydian scale works aswel, combined with Bebop scale when going into a descending riff sounds great