I think so anyway
go there to see what I'm talking about... How do I improve my "genericness" I am one of the thousands of losers who is stuck in a rut of "emoness" and cant seem to write about anything else...

Any Suggestions? Like for example I WANT to write a song about my uncle who died of cancer last year... how would I go about it?
A little less symbolism can go a long way. Please take this all in the most sincerest way concerning the subject matter but like if you wrote a song about the situation of the death itself or how it effected you or just sorta simple things like that. Its not my call but using dark metaphors never seems to work for serious songs with a purpose in mind.
Read the tips thread . Writers read , songwriter listen's to songs. Don't say that u suck in public. just keep it to yourself.

V1----->talk about ur uncle. What did he achieved in life
V2--->he got piseed when Doc. told him about cancer
C--->send a good msg like (livbe ur life to the fullesst or cancer brought him a new prespective)
v3--->how did he felt knowing that this was his last days
V4---->Why he didn't tell his family
B--->he told her family but assured her he's fine or sad whatever
A.c--->central message with a twist

(This is a sample . U can approach differently)

i mean "respect the dead ". devlop a story line and u'll do fine and use some good metaphors catering for genre u are aiming for.And don't ever say that u suck in public.
It really gives a bad impression

Hope this helps