Ok heres the situation. I've been in this blues trio for about 8 or so months. With our original bassist, we played a talent show, played a few local shows, and started recording our first album. He wasn't too into the blues though, and, while he was good, just didn't have his heart in it. One gig he couldnt make it to, we had my little brother fill in on bass, hes a huge blues fan and actually turned out to be better than our original bassist. Slowly the original bassist distanced himself from us, and finally a huge gig came up, and he wouldnt return phone calls to him to ask him if he was up for it. So my bro played, and since my bro has played all gigs with us insted of the original. So today, my brother re-recorded bass tracks for our album, and we still haven't contacted our original bassist. So we havent talked to him in months, but he still doesnt know he isnt really part of the band anymore. So should we get in contacct with him to tell him hes out? Or just forget it since we havent talked in months and maybe he can assume hes out?

sorry for the long read

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its pretty safe to say hes out
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If you want to replace him, call him and tell him. It's disrespectful to not notify him. Even if he wants out, or thinks he's out or whatever, do the right thing and call.
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He doesn't want to be in and he's not helping the band so i'd just say screw it.
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yes, but do you think we should call and talk to him about it, and formally kick him out, or just let it go and keep going with my brother?
"Blues is what you got when everything else is
gone." - J.Lansdowne
Well, try as hard as you can to tell him that he's out, he deserves that much, but you can safely kick him out, as he hasn't been dedicated to the band at all.
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Have you left him voicemails or anything?? if youve been trying for a really long time to get ahold of him and since hes not trying to hard (obviously) to stay in contact, its not your problem anymore. Dont say it in an email or anything, just leave a voicemail telling him that you just feel like hes not that interested in being in the band, so you picked up someone else who had more passion for it. Once you do that, you're home free. Its his problem now.
^ i think thats what im gonna do
"Blues is what you got when everything else is
gone." - J.Lansdowne
The respectable thing to do is let him know he is no longer in the band.
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I don't think it would be a big deal if you said nothing because so much time has passed. But I think it would be more respectable to tell him.
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