Hey guys, I'm looking for something to put on my To Buy list that will replace my Weeping Demon. I like the WD-7, but I fee like I'd rather have less knobs to fool with, and also, stepping on this pedal almost feels.. too easy. Something about the construction of it.

Anyway, I was looking at the Vox, Morley Power or Classic, and maybe even one of the signature Crybabies (Wylde, Dimebag).

Could you guys help me with the pros and cons of these? One that I'm most curious about is the Morley. It's got a good reputation, but it's on Zzounds for only 60 or 70 bucks? Is this a steal or are they just worth that much?
What type of music do you play? If it's metal or you don't mind modding a little, the morley PWV is great.
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You gotta go try them all out and see which ones you like the sound of. I don't like conventional Morley's, but I like the Bad Horsie series. I like Dunlop wah sweeps better, but the standard crybaby on/off mechanism is just a pain in the ass. Head to the store with your guitar, plug into about 12 of them, and write down which ones you like. You'll find your taste eventually.
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i dont think you can go wrong when you get a crybaby, except the slash signature, not really my cup of tea and a bit expensive. i tried the new jimi hendrix signature and i thought it was great clean, didnt try it distorted though
I play some metal, some hard rock, stuff like Coheed, Metallica, Mastodon, Killswitch Engage, classic stuff too, old school metal. Basically stuff that takes some gain, not a TON or anything, but it will have to handle gain well.

One of the things I am picky about is the whole switching on and off thing. While the auto-on kinds are nice, I like to be able to turn it on in mid-sweep, so thats why the Bad Horsie and Mark Tremonti wahs were kinda out of the question. Having only played a Crybaby once, I don't really remember how those turned on, and I've never played a Vox one, but I know the Morley has a nice little switch on the side.

But yeah, I don't know about modding... I have zero experience with it so I probably don't want to buy a wah with the intention of modding it.
Actually, there are a lot worse places to practice/start modding than a morley wah- they're durable and well-spaced out.
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Cheap amps are "that bad". They suck up your tone like cocaine at Kate Moss' party.

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You just push front on crybaby's to turn them on and off

What do you mean? Is there a switch, or is it activated by pushing down on the pedal?
vox's are very vintage voiced. They don't take as well to high gain as do other pedals, but it is the wah for classic rock/psychedelic/rock. I love mine
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the voodoo labs wahzoo (i dunno if its out yet) has a switch on the side (looks alot like morley wahs) that turns it on, so youd be able to turn it on mid sweep.

It looks really good too and the sound clips sound great.
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i have a crybaby, it has a toggle switch for on/off that is underneath the pedal itself. you push the pedal all the way forward to "full wah" and it hits a little stopper. Push "firmly" just a bit more from there and it will toggle the switch. If you're not standing up, it can be awkward to put enough pressure on it to toggle, since you have to push with your toe.

I haven't opened it up yet, but i don't see why you couldnt rewire that switch to be outside of the pedal. Its been a while, but i vaguely remember tweaking it to either remove the spring action or at least make it easy to move around. It took some practice to get a nice "wah" without it sounding so "off/on", you have to find the sweet spot.