Hey, I'm sure somewhere on the internet there is a guide to how to set these bridges up correctly. I'm waiting for my newest addition to my collection to arrive, a Schecter C-1 Classic, which has this bridge. Most of my other guitars are Ibanez, or similar and have either floyd rose, similar or tremelo bridges, the Ibanez S-Classic has a wraparound bridge. I haven't been able to find any information on these bridges except with the tailpeice (gibson style) or parts lists, but no setup instructions.

If they are locking bridges how do they lock? is it just the tuners or is there something in the bridge that locks down the string?

If anyone has one of these bridges, let me know how they work. Sadly due to my work I'll be waiting about a month longer before I can play this new addition. It's on it's way to my house, but currently I'm in the Pacific on deployment.

Anyway any advice or information on this bridge would be most helpful.