Thanks for taking the time to read this. I've currently been playing for a couple years, mostly classic rock stuff like The Beatles/Pink Floyd/Jimi Hendrix/etc. and now I want to start playing some of the fast stuff like picksweeping and just the crazy stuff I hear in like Pantera and everything, no specific band or genre, just some fast, cool playing. The problem is, I just don't know where to start. I don't listen to a lot of music that has that type of playing so I'm lost on where to start. If someone could give me a suggestion of things to practice or a first song to learn with that type stuff, maybe even Metallica because Kirk is a rad guitarist. Thanks in advanced everyone and any other tips/suggestions are appreciated.
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It's pretty hard to give you a song to practice with when you haven't shown what you can/'t play and how comfortable you are. I've only seen Kirk sweep twice - on Creeping Death and Leper Messiah. Creeping Death might be a bit tough if you are just starting though. Try the Leper Messiah solo slowly. Well, it depends on whether or not you are a complete newbie with sweep picking. See if those are any good.
I'm a newbie to sweep picking besides the little sweep pick Gilmour does in Another Brick in the Wall ;P I'm very comfortable on a guitar though and I don't mean just ONLY sweep picking, anything fast because I've heard some crazy solos lately, especially wah ones. Just sweep picking, tremolo picking I can do VERY fast but only like on one string, I can't really switch strings so I need to learn that to get going fast and I can do some tapping. Anything to get some more "show-off" type of skills because I run into a couple situations where they're needed and it's fun.
I love music. That is all...
Well I think that you should maybe learn some excercises rather than learning licks or songs.
Try going through Freepowers (I'm such a lickarse to Freepower recently) posts in the Advanced Techniques section and put the effort in and you'll see very quick results!
Also, try find (or just watch clips of their lessons) of John Petrucci or Paul Gilbert.
Gilberts instructional videos are, for the most part, primarily technique based and Petrucci's warm-up excercises are VERY helpful.
There are much more but I can't think (literally at all... it's taken me about 20min to write this).
This is purely on a technical point of view though, rather than melody or phrasing - I like to think that anybody who listens to Pink Floyd is already a musical prodigy.
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Get some instructionals that focus on technique. Rock Discipline byt John Petrucci is a great place to start, and Troy Stetina has some good workouts to look into as well.

If you just want my opinion on how to go about this, get some good legato licks down first. Once you get your hammer ons and pulloffs going, some endurance, and finger strength, you'll be ready to start working on other stuff.
Next thing to work on is alt picking. Pretty much get your picking hand to catch up to your fretting hand. Most people will say to work on both legato and picking, but I think it's a lot easier to focus on each hand individually, and find progress faster and more rewarding.
After you have your picking down, then it's time to work on things like sweeping or multiple finger tapping. You won't find nearly as much musical value in sweeping as you will legato or alt picking, so that's why I save it for last. It's a cool trick and a great compliment to a solo, but it's so rarely useful in the context of a song that it's best left for last.
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