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just because i spelt awsome wrong???im no forigner im Canadian

lol...sorry laughing out loud

This post only helped to justify what I said originally.
IMO they are one of the worst bands ive ever heard. I just dont like anything about them.
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wait a second.... what does that guitar have to do with cancer bats

I searched around the link and the guy from The Cancer Bats plays it. But for real, since when did First Act become a reputable company? I just know them from infomercials and Wal-Mart starter kits. Alot of bands play these apparently. Converge, Everytime I Die, Alexisonfire, Mastodon, Thursday, Poison The Well, Taking Back Sunday, H20, Sick Of It All, Franz Ferdinand, etc.
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I think devildriver, lamb of god and killswitch are the best black metal probably ever.

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the clean vox weren't bad a lot

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Just thought I'd post some random guitar with nothing to do with the band?

Check out their site, they have a ton of artists playing their stuff and I've been to the First Act Guitar Studio in Boston, they really don't deserve the bad rap, they make some awesome custom to mid-range guitars.
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For the sake of this thread, I MySpaced them, and they're not too bad. Not something I'd necessarily choose to listen to, but not something I'd change tracks for if I heard it.
This band deserves a decent thread.

They're a pretty fun/underrated band.
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Hate to bump an old thread, but these guys are definitely worth a listen if you are into Hardcore Punk. I don't listen to that kinda music, but these guys stood out a bit. They play great live too. I saw em on tour with Rise Against and they were easily the best opening act.

Hail Destroyer sounds pretty badass too so far, comes out in a few weeks.
Guitarist uses far too many pinches live, but apart from that they make a decent support act.

I'll be seeing them for the third time supporting Johnny Truant in May, who incidentally have done a cover of French Immersion, check it out.
my friends saw them with monogloids.

said flat out WORST band either of them had seen in their entire lifes.
What's with the hatin'?

Damn, I love this band. Their blues influence (unless I am listening to a different Cancer Bats) really fits in well.

They're really enjoyable, IMO.
Has anyone heard 'Hail Destroyer' yet? The album, not the single.

All the reviews I've read are raving about nit but I had it on in the car today and it's actually not that great in my opinion...
This band is great, heard the hype, didn't give it much thought, but I heard 'Hail Destroyer' and its a toooon! Liking very much so. Not much love on UG though.
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Oh my bloody god. Imagine if you were a girl and you woke up to find your little brother's friend standing over you with his erect penis on your breasts...

i saw them with bullet for my valentine, they ****in raped my ears, and not in a good way, every time he screamed all you heard was ringing, plus no one was moving when they played, we all just stood still. they were an epic phailure

but to show some love, i loved the singers hair he was a cutie
i think their recorded stuff sounds good, but their live show was terrible, i saw them at the government on the no fear tour, opening for bullet, and i gotta say they sucked. But bfmv was amzing
band sucks
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I saw them on thursday with FFAF they blew me away, I talked to liam after and he signed my phone
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Quote by Guitar_picker36 a girl i dont know how to upload pictures and stuff.

Chelsea Smile by Bmth completely rips off the intro of Regret off hail destroyer.

Really good live band, seen them a few times with Johnny Truant now and at Reading this year. Lucifers Rocking Chair is a compulsory head-nodder.
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Thank God I'm not a Stereotype.

Quote by ANTHRAX†
When in doubt, whip it out.

Quote by Guitar_picker36 a girl i dont know how to upload pictures and stuff.

Im seeing them in a few days suppoting FFAF

To be honest, im looking forward to seeing them. I havent heard much, but what I have heard ive liked, soo...
Hail Destroyers a great album, great to see them coming to the Uk several times a year at the moment.
Not that anyone cares....but 2 weeks ago i was at my local club
and we saw these posters up saying "Cancer Bats DJing tonight" and i was like...that can't be THE Cancer Bats from Canada.

Anyway..we saw these people who just looked like they should have been in a band, and my friend Andy goes up to one of them and said "Are you in Cancer Bats". Then they said they were and we ended up hanging out with them for the night.

It was SUCH a weird night, coz Derby is tiny.
Apparently they were playing a show in Notts, and heard about The Royal in Derby and decided to go check it out, and ended up DJing for us.

Weird night that. But such nice guys!
They're supporting In Flames when they come back over in April. Not sure if I can spend 14.50 just to see them though.

Edit: Just watched the vid for Lucifers Rocking Chair. Easily one of the best music vids of the year.
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Great band, Hail Destroyer is an amazing album. They sound like South-African cannibal assrape live, though.
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In fact, I almost ALWAYS agree with YourDad.

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One of the best replies ever.

In the same thread

Do you love Arsis?
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I saw them with bfmv and bleeding through.

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They're supporting In Flames when they come back over in April.

They play some of the weirdest lineups...
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