hi im new here so like dont know many things so please answer q.
thats the guitar i currently have with zebra humpbuckers(came with it) and i would like to upgrade my guitar. I love the feel and everything else on this guitar. the only bad thing is the low E string just doesnt tune properly but w/e. I have been playing for 3 years and want an upgrade. I am 15 and this will be my 3rd guitar cuz i have an acoustic fender (gc-23s). I want this guitar to last me a while like 3 years just like the one i have but a bit better and after my second electric guitar in like another 3 years ill probably get like a fender vg or a gibson so like a 1500-1700 dollar range. Any recommendations. Also budget is 500-600 bucks and I play all kinds of music on it should be good with that. REMEMBER ONE THAT FEELS LIKE MINE. Gibson(too high priced) Epiphone les paul maybe?
i tried the fender strat mexican i hated it the strings the neck everything sucked.(LOL NO JOKE)
I liked an ibanez but the problem is that it is with heavy rock, maybe its not though i like the overall guitar so like any suggeestions
Epiphone makes an LP [standard or custom, i can't remeber] with a Floyd Rose, it's $500 or so, i think

EDIT: it's a studio

link: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Limited-Edition-Les-Paul-Studio-Electric-Guitar-with-Floyd-Rose-Tremolo?sku=519398

EDIT: it's a standard, says so on the truss rod cover, MF is just too dumb to read the guitar
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could u get the dsme guitar with the pickups of the les paul standard?
its actually a studio...
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It is a Studio, the truss rod cover is wrong.

Anyway, you don't need to go for that. Floyd Rose make a tremolo that can replace the standard tune-o-matic bridge that LPs usually have. You just take the old bridge out, slide the new FR one in, you need to make a slight adjustment to the neck, and that's it. No need to take big chunks out of your guitar's body or anything.

Get an Epi LP Custom (it's worth the extra price tag), get one of the above mentioned LP-friendly FRs, and you're done.
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i tried the fender strat mexican i hated it the strings the neck everything sucked.(LOL NO JOKE)

lol wut...

strings? Also be careful what you say, now a load of silly bandwagon kids are gonna be bombarding threads about strats saying "strats suck". I know you just meant you don't like them though.

That les paul with the FR is a studio judging by the look of it even though the truss rod cover says standard. standards are thicker bodied and have binding, and chrome covered humbuckers stock usually, this definitely matches up more with the studio versions.
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