was looking to turn in my podxt live to help pay for a new amp and was wondering how much i could get for it. it's $400 originally, practically new condition(i've used it quite a bit but there's nothing wrong with it at all, still clean, switch are still fine, pedal is great) but doesn't have the model packs(would they give me extra for them? probly, just wondering).

the reason i'm turning it in is because i just need a good jam amp and i'm not entirely impressed with the tones i get from the pod. i'm getting an ibanez RGA121 Prestige there soon($500 new instead of $900, clearance , so i need all the help with money i can get for now.

thanks a lot.
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theyd give you around 75-100 for it. i know from experience, i tried selling mine back, in the box, brand new, with a receipt. but they wouldnt take it because they were douchebags.

wow, i new they wouldn't give much, but that's a complete rip off. i tried calling them to ask for an estimate if my pod was in good condition but they said i had to bring it into the store. they wouldn't even give me a range.
Don't bother. They will just screw you like every other music store does on trade-ins. Sell it outright.
If they paid you what it's worth they wouldn't make a profit on resale. You could get at least 200 on ebay or craigslist. I'll bet some people here might be interested too, so consider the classifieds section.