I have sort of a collaboration/solo project with various friends. I don't have any recording equipment, so whoever I am with who has equipment, will help me out with additions,etc. But it is mainly a solo "project". I really only wrote some riffs, but I intend to use them in songs at some point. It is sort of psychedelic/hard rock type of stuff, but also sort of trippy stuff. I really don't know what to call it. If you have a categorization, then I would like an idea of bands it "sounds" like, if any.

My myspace w/ tracks: myspace.com/ratatool

I am also a contributor to a local band in DeWitt, Mi called "The Oasis" although their is no myspace or other place for info for it at the moment.

Tell me what you think. I would appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE critcism. But if your only going to flame me for the sake of flaming, please don't bother. Thanks
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