Alrite, so its that time again to get a new guitar. Im lookin around 600 bones, but ill be able to give or take a hundred bucks prob. Im lookin for a good either stratocaster or telecaster. i cant really decide, because i like teles better, but i want the strats whammy bar. i know i can get a whammy on my tele, but its just not the same and thats a little expensive. so any suggestions for either of the guitars so i can decide? ty
You could start with a Strat now and get a Tele later. For your price range you should consider the Classic Players line(50's 60's and 70's). They're all MIM but much better than the MIM standards. Try them all and pick the one you like best.
Fender Classic Player's Series 50's Strat. most comfortable guitars i've ever played.

and i've played quite a few. at least the ones (strats) which are on the walls of my local GC. even the custom shop '56 wasn't as comfortable as this one. the soft-v kills!!!
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Do you really need the wammy bar that much?
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