I got a kahler spyder, its the exact specs as an original floyd rose. i bought it for my charvel, i painted it today, got it done, and it turns out my kahler doesnt fit. any idea what the hell tremolo went in here?


i think that is relatively the same guitar, mine is just REALLY REALLY old. has a crazy serial number on it.

edit : heres another pic, it shows it alittle better, before i did the black.
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Either an OFR or the JT equivalent went there. Whatever in hell made you think that the kahler is a fit? I mean, one look is enough to see that its route is different from floyd's - you didn't even have to measure the stud spacing...
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A Kahler Spyder is NOTHING like a Floyd - where on earth did you get that idea from?
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Pole spacing is different on the Kahler Spyder than the Floyd. I don't know where you got the specs saying that they were the same as an OFR.
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