bass or guitar?

so i've been playing the acoustic guitar for about 5-6 months and i say i really learned a lot. then i started and picked up on bass nd i'm starting to like it more nd more. i play it for my church now because no else plays it nd i'm thinking of buying a bass of my own (i use someone elses to play at church) so i can practice at home because right now i can only practice maybe 1 day a week.
but i also want a guitar an upgrade from my crappy new york pro guitar. idk if i shud buy a bass now and get a guitar later (later meaning like a long time). nd i cant buy both im on a budget on about $300. i was thinkin of buying a washburn d10sce as my guitar or Squier® Vintage Modified Precision Bass/or Jazz Bass as my bass if u guys wanted to know.
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I don't usually see "Guitarist need!" signs but there are lots of those for bassists.

But which instruments speaks to you? What tone do you love more? I wanted to learn a lot of instruments but a guitar let me express myself more fully, I think.
mm yeah i feel like on leaning on bass because i feel like i'm needed more.
but both instruments speak to me whether it be the screeching harmonics on the guitar or the funky riff on a bass. hmm.
yea you can play both, you don't have to drop one, i know many people who play both.
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mm i'll probably buy a bass because my church needs a bassist so i can practice. yeh i'll still play guitar on the side ofcourse with my acoustic as of now. hopefully playing bass will help me memorize the fretboard which will give me better playin on the guitar side too.