I already made a thread about how i'm getting a new guitar, decided on the schecter c-1 hellraiser over the Ibanez SZ. upon further review i'm thinking about the c-1+ as well. It's got the same 24.75 scale that my current les paul has, and its $100 cheaper. What do ya think now?
depends on the music. duncan designed pickups aren't the greatest thing out there. you do get better playability with the ibz in my opinion, but much better sound with the hellraiser. i wouldn't really consider the C-1+ over the hellraiser unless money's an issue or you don't like emgs.

btw, you've tried each guitar out, right? or at least have a good idea of what to expect(pickups, feel, etc.)
i'm not in the dark as to what its going to be like but until i try them out in the store within the next day or two i wont be completely sure