i just was at ozzfest and saw lamb of god play i know mark uses this amp and it sounded sooooooo awesome live it sounded exactly like the cd except possibly better i play that kinda music along with arch enemy,3 inches of blood,death,as blood runs black,black dahlia murder, and some other bands

ive also been reffered to a peavey 5150 but im looking at this mesa boogie on ebay now its 85 watts has footboard it what i need

what shoud i do?
Go for it. As long as you're guitar is decent, and your chops are solid, you should get some wicked tones out of it.
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Depends on price o Ebay item.
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it's an amazing amp. but for some reason, i couldn't dial in a metal tone, mainly because i play very little metal.
but i'm sure once you could get the right tone in, it'll be bliss
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