OK, so I haven't played in 3 years and forgot a lot of stuff. I've got a 2000 WGP Autococker, mostly stock, that I've always used anti-syphon CO2 with. I'm gonna use my friend's HPA tank, can I just hook it up like normal or do I have to install a new regulator on the gun or what? thanks in advance
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sheeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiit. i have no idea what youre talking about man. i love to paintball, but i dont have any great gear. i just take my spyder [yea, theyre not that great] out there, and go for it. mind you, speedball is weak sauce... gotta play in the forest! thats way better.

sorry that didnt help you or answer you at all.
I quit at the end of 2005, but yeah, I miss my G7
yeah you shouldnt have any problem with it. Just hook it up. The output of CO2 is something like 900psi and for HPA 800 psi and for LPA 450psi. HPA is much softer on your marker because it doesnt freeze up inside if you fire too fast, particulary in your 3-way.
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cool thanks. yeah I'm really looking forward to it, I used to be a diehard paintballer for years, until all my cash was gone. It seriously costs about $100 a day! we're just doing it as one last blast before college starts.
"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny." -Bender Bending Rodriguez
You will be alright. Even with an anti-siphon tube you always have the risk of getting the liquid of the Co2 in your reg, noid and all the eletronics.
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