I am the greyhound that follows the scent.
I am the drunken husband that turns violent.
I am the soldier being screamed at by the moron in command.
I am the agent sneaking into the establishment.

I am the muscle of the elephant ridden with disease.
I am the film the world was never meant to see.
I am the cancer; the napalm burning victims in your skin.
I am the doctor(who)let your family know.. "there's nothing we can do for him."

I am the anger picking rage out of your head.
I am frustration, taking roads that led to dead ends.
I am the pavement, leading all the children safely to the school
I am organised religion as I'm evil, I make no sense and I am cruel.

if you can lose your sense of smell
you wont know we're rotting, you've just forgotten.

I'm the scientist you've ignored until recently.
I'm suffocation, I'm the fumes you breathe - I'm the cigarette,
I'm the ashtray, I'm the addiction, I'm the blind faith, I'm the lies,
I'm the ****ed. I'm the air-polluted, I'm the salty taste of greed.

I'm all you'll ever need.

I am all the innocent people who died to make your life this ****ty.


let me know what you think, I guess.
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Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.