Yo there, been using UG for some time now for tabs etc. but only just now decided to make an account.
I've been playing bass for about 3 years now and guitar for just over 1 year, never had a lesson for either instrument in my life, i learnt by playing with others and practice.
Basically i'm not very good at guitar atm, Bass being my main instrument i've only been playing the guitar for fun really So here's a little video I threw together a month or so ago, let me know what you think.


This is an improvised piece by the way, the only bit i practiced was the intro.

As of late i've been playing alot more and have been meaning to make another video and hopefully will have learnt how to get the technique for Pinch Harmonics right so i can throw some sqealie's in, though i'm having abit of trouble getting them right... Anywho, leave Feedback + Tips please

Edit: For any of those wondering, my guitar is a LAG Roxanne RM-200, my amp is this awful little 20 Watt Yamaha that i've had for about 3 years now and my pedal is a Zoom 505II.
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youtube is screwed.

it never works for me now
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It seems that Youtube is having a funny turn... Perfect timing. :P
Give it a while folks, it should sort itself out sometime soon.
It's working for me now, it's abit slow but it eventually get's to the page, so I can only presume it's working for you guys too.
aye, im fully aware its a boring peice, but please be aware that this is based on how i play based upon on how long ive been playing and considering i know feck all.
ill post a new vid soon enough when im back off holiday an work on it abit more.
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