My band is working on a ballad and with me being the bass player, I'm expected to write the bass line. The problem is that A) I have little experience with ballads and B) I'm not the type of bass player that just sits around playing root notes--I actually use the bass as an instrument. So I'm looking for some advice on what I can do to make a semi-interesting bass line in a ballad without ruining the sort of sad feeling of it.
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Play a slow melody.

Yeah, that's about it. Try to merge with the guitar for the first beat of each phrase, then go off and do your own thing.
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Duff's bass line from Sweet Child of Mine has some nice spots.
Actually, try to make a melodic line that corresponds with chords.
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The other guys pretty much said it: Play a slow melody based on the cord tones. A descending melody would be suitable for a ballad, but play around. A couple of chromatic notes can sound pretty sweet too.
again, there are SO many things you can do it's almost unreal. but basically a melody (i recommend a counter melody, something that doesn't follow the same movement and motion as the guitars) based around the chord tones and progression. this is a beginning.
The guitars will probably be playing chords, because that's just kind of the way most ballads work. Try listening to Alice in Chains' "Nutshell" which isn't a true "ballad," but it gives you an idea of how to work a bassline around a ballad-y chord progression.
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Try asking this in Bass forum too.
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my neew year reslosutions are not too drikn as much lol.

happy new yeeae guyas.
If the bass isn't supposed to be really leading in the song, then find a rhythm that fits and basically pedal between the root and other chord tones. Don't keep the same idea for every measure though. What I like to do when I'm hanging back is find a way to play arpeggio that sounds good under the guitars, then hold the root note on the next chord but play the root in the same rhythm as you did the arpeggio for the previous chord. If what I said makes no sense, PM me and I can send you examples of what I mean.
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